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The Museum School of Avondale Estates Athletics: Proposal for Return to Play





Ensure that TMS students, coaches, and parents are able to benefit from various athletic experiences in a safe, reliable, and functional manner, with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic, and various health agency recommendations.


School-sponsored sports and extracurricular activities provide students with enrichment opportunities that can help them learn and achieve, and support their social, emotional, and mental health. 


Prevention strategies for those who are not fully vaccinated in these activities remain important and should comply with school day policies and procedures. 

MAAC and DHYL Guidelines:

All MAAC and DHYL (Baseball) participants will agree to guidelines that will provide the safest environment for all student athletes, coaches, officials, parents/guardians/caregivers, and school/athletics staff. If any representative of TMS (student athletes, coaches, parents/guardians/caregivers, and school/athletics staff) does not abide by the provisions set above then TMS Athletics Coordinator, MAAC Director, or DHYL Director reserve the right to remove TMS from the schedule for future games/matches/meets. 

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