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Student Physical Exam

Each student wishing to participate in middle school sports will need to submit a physical form with results of a recent physical exam from their doctor (After 1/1/23..  Any student who does not submit this form, will not be allowed to participate in any games or practices.

TMS/Dekalb Physical forms can be found HERE


If you have any questions, please contact the athletics coordinator at

Concussion Awareness

Due to the increase in concussions in youth sports, the school would like to increase our staff, parents and players awareness through the CDC Concussion information and training.  All coaches have to submit certification of completing this online course.

Parents and students must sign this form and hand it in to their coach.

Coaches online training - Click HERE

Parent Concussion information - Click HERE

Student Athlete information - Click HERE

Concussion Videos HERE 

(What is a Concussion, Concussion Signs & Symptoms, Concussion Danger Signs, Recovery, Returning to Sports)

If you have any questions, please contact the athletics coordinator at

Athletic Fees

Due to the increase in cost, 2023/24 will see the continuation of fees for Athletic sports for middle school athletes. If any student has an issue paying fees, please contact Athletics Coordinator Bill Roberts at


The fees for 2023-2024 sports are:

  • $30 for Girls Volleyball

  • $30 for Ultimate

  • $30 for Cross Country

  • $30 for Girls Basketball

  • $30 for Boys Basketball

  • $30 for Track and Field

  • $30 for Girls Soccer

  • $30 for Boys Baseball

These fees can be paid by check or cash

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